A war on green industry?

    The GOP doesn’t seem to like it.

    The party’s long-running push to end federal subsidies to green energy has turned into an epic fight against a small but vocal minority of blue-collar blue-state residents who have a vested interest in keeping their jobs.

    So, how has it all gone so far?

    The answer, as always, is the same: the GOP.

    The GOP has spent the past few decades pushing for the kind of environmental policies that the GOP’s current president is proposing.

    But the Republican-controlled Congress is increasingly hostile to the idea of any federal investment in green industries.

    Republicans want to cut off federal aid to green businesses.

    They want to keep the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating green energy, and they want to end all federal investment programs in green energy.

    In a stunningly short period of time, the GOP has effectively ended green energy support for tens of millions of Americans, and has largely failed to get its message out to the public.

    The fight has become so intense that the Trump administration has already announced it is dropping its opposition to green-energy subsidies altogether.

    So how did this happen?

    It all began with a GOP congress that has been so hostile to green jobs and green industries that they refused to even entertain President Trump’s proposed budget, which would have provided $3 billion in federal funding for green energy infrastructure and jobs.

    A recent report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that under President Trump, green jobs would be cut by 20 percent.

    So the GOP was more than willing to kill the entire Green Jobs Act.

    The Senate bill was only $2 billion, and the House bill was just $1 billion.

    But when Republicans failed to make good on their promise to end green-industry subsidies, they immediately began working to kill green-jobs subsidies.

    In December 2017, the House voted to kill a $6.5 billion “Economic Development Fund” that would have given money to help green-state job-creators, including green-coast cities and counties.

    And in March 2018, the Senate passed a $5.3 billion green jobs package, which also gave money to green projects.

    The result?

    The Congressional Budget and Economic Policy Committee, a nonpartisan nonpartisan panel that analyzes economic and fiscal policy, released a report on the impact of the budget cuts and the elimination of green-job programs.

    The report said that the overall impact of this action would be to reduce the number of green jobs in the United States by a whopping 27,000.

    In addition, the report said, the bill would result in an economic loss of $5 billion to the federal government, with some economists estimating that the bill alone could cost the federal Treasury $20 trillion.

    But Republicans didn’t stop there.

    They went further.

    They decided to kill another $4 billion in the budget that would help low-income communities to develop their own green-industrial sectors.

    That $4.5-billion would be used to help those communities build their own renewable energy projects, as well as invest in green infrastructure projects.

    So Republicans have been working to destroy any federal green jobs funding in green industrial areas, including in blue-coasts.

    And they are not alone.

    The Trump administration is also working to eliminate green-business subsidies in blue states.

    In February 2018, for example, the Trump White House proposed to eliminate a $3.8 billion program that gives subsidies to blue-industries that make wind turbines, solar panels, and other green energy technologies.

    The White House budget director, Mick Mulvaney, said in a March 2018 hearing that he would not cut green subsidies, even though the budget is “very clear” that federal support for green industries is not going to end anytime soon.

    Mulvane was so confident in his vision that he even suggested in an April 2018 hearing in the House that federal green-company subsidies would be reinstated.

    So what is going on?

    There are a lot of reasons why this is happening.

    A lot of the Trump Administration’s anti-green policies are being implemented now, in part, because Republicans have made clear that they believe green industries should be considered a part of the “corporate welfare” program that has already been under the Trump regime.

    That means they are targeting green-based industries with massive cuts in federal investment.

    They are also targeting green companies with massive new mandates that will harm green businesses and leave them vulnerable to lawsuits.

    And as President Trump has made clear, Republicans are working to undermine the Obama Administration’s climate agenda, and that includes green-mining policies.

    So why have the Trump-led GOP been so aggressive against green industries?

    They have had plenty of opportunities to do so.

    After the Trump election, Republicans were able to take advantage of the climate change hysteria to attack environmental regulations.

    They were able, for instance, to eliminate the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, which aims to limit greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired



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