The greenest arenas, greenest fans, greengest arena lights and greenest coaches are the green-est teams in the NHL.

    Here’s a look at the greengest arenas in the league, and what that means for the players, fans and arenas themselves.

    The Anaheim Ducks have the most green facilities in the entire NHL, according to

    They have a total of eight arenas, five of which are indoor and the rest outdoor.

    They also have two green spaces in the locker room and the third on the ice where they play a little puck-puck hockey and have a little ice rink.

    They play the Ducks at home on a Thursday night, which is a great way to warm up the players and fans and show them that they are not the only ones to be green in the building.

    When it comes to the ice, they play on the second-oldest rink in the AHL, which dates back to the NHL’s first season.

    The ice is painted green and is covered with turf that is made up of the team’s logo, the green.

    There is also a green strip on the sides of the ice that represents the Anaheim Ducks logo, which has a green outline and is located at the bottom of the rink.

    That strip also serves as the home ice for the Ducks, who play in the lower bowl of the arena.

    They will be in Anaheim for the start of the 2017-18 season.

    On the ice you will see a green stripe across the bottom left of the scoreboard.

    It signifies the time the puck is going to go in the net.

    You can also see a large green LED light that indicates the puck will be going into the net when the puck lands.

    The Ducks also have an LED scoreboard above the rink that is used for team announcements, team logos and other information.

    You will also see the scoreboard lights up green at the end of each period, which means that when the teams have scored a goal, the lights are on.

    The team has a goal-line stand, where the scorekeepers will be sitting.

    The arena is also home to a green roof that is covered in green grass that extends from the ice to the goal.

    It also features a large LED scoreboard, green LED lights and a green LED screen.

    The ice rink is where the Ducks play their home games, which are on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

    They use the ice for practice, scrimmages and the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

    The Ducks are also playing on their home ice on Thursdays and Saturdays, and they will be playing there for the second half of the season.

    There is also an outdoor ice surface that can be seen when you walk on the rink and it is made of green turf.

    The turf is made from the team logo and has a bright green outline.

    It is also covered in turf that extends all the way from the goal to the boards.

    The NHL does not have a rule on how much green turf is allowed on the team ice.

    The indoor ice rink at the Anaheim Convention Center features a green floor that is set at a height of approximately 3 feet from the rink to the wall.

    It has green paint and a small LED screen that indicates whether the puck has been dropped.

    The green paint on the floor also serves to protect the ice surface from debris and water.

    The outdoor ice rink has no green paint or markings.

    The rink also features an LED monitor that can show the puck on the boards and on the blue line when the team scores a goal.

    The green roof has been installed on the Ducks’ ice rink, and it also serves the Ducks as their home away from home.

    The roof is also used for home games and scrimmaging.

    There are green lights in the stands and on every ice surface in the arena, which indicates that there are two lanes for the puck when it goes into the rink for the goal-scoring.

    The lights on the scoreboard and in the green areas indicate when the goal is going in or out of the net, and the green stripe is used to indicate the time of the goal that is going into or out.

    The outdoor ice arena features a huge LED scoreboard that has a large red light on it.

    The scoreboard is set up on the right side of the outdoor ice ice surface and is set to light up green when the score is announced and the scorekeeper is sitting in the left corner of the screen.

    The LED screen is used as a scoreboard for the home team.

    The game clock is also shown on the green scoreboard.

    The home arena has a full green roof with LED screens and lights that are used to show the score on the arena scoreboard, the scoreboard to the left of where the puck passes through the net and the blue lines for goalies and defensemen when the game clock shows time of goal.

    You also can see the score when the shot clock is going through.

    There are also two LED lights in each side of where you can see when the shots are coming



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