In a recent poll, the Greenhouse Gas Industry Association (GGAIA) concluded that industrial grease-fittings were the most environmentally friendly way to heat your home, but not everyone agrees.

    In a new study, the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) have looked at the greening of industrial grease, specifically the role that industrial wastewater has in the production of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide (CO2) from the production and combustion of fuels.

    The report, published in the journal Science Advances, finds that industrial waste is an increasingly important part of the economy, with industrial grease as the leading industrial waste source in the United States, accounting for 25 percent of all waste that goes into the environment.

    However, the authors argue that industrial wastes can also be used to make a significant contribution to the environment if they are used as fertilizer and for other uses.

    In the study, which looked at data from nearly 3,000 facilities across the United Kingdom, the ACS found that industrial greening is particularly important for the industries that produce industrial grease.

    For example, industrial grease was the second-most-common industrial waste after oil-based products, with 30 percent of waste produced from this process coming from the oil and gas industry.

    In contrast, the majority of industrial wastewater was made up of wastewater that was not made up from oil and natural gas extraction.

    The findings also highlight the importance of industry-wide greening, with only one percent of the total industrial waste from the industry came from industries that were not in any way dependent on oil and coal.

    However if the majority were industrial wastewater from oil, gas, and coal extraction, the results would be even more encouraging, with less than one percent coming from each of these sectors.

    The ACS report also found that there was a strong correlation between industrial green-up and industrial processes that produce CO2, with the results indicating that industrial greases could also be a significant source of CO2 for many industrial processes.

    The study found that in addition to the industrial greasing associated with industrial wastewater, the process of industrial grease extraction also led to a significant amount of CO 2 production from waste-treatment facilities.

    This study also found a significant relationship between industrial greased and industrial wastewater treatment, with over half of the industrial wastewater generated in the US coming from industrial wastewater processing facilities.

    The authors argue these findings suggest that the role of wastewater treatment facilities in the energy economy is critical for the overall climate change benefits of industrial production.



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