Industrial sectors are a growing source of green energy.

    For example, in Alberta, more than half of the electricity generated in the province comes from natural gas and hydroelectric power, while in Quebec, hydroelectricity accounts for nearly a quarter of the province’s energy mix.

    In Ontario, hydro is also a major source of electricity, with more than three-quarters of the power produced in the northern part of the country coming from natural sources, according to the province.

    In B.C., hydroelectric energy accounts for more than two-thirds of the region’s electricity, and wind and solar energy account for almost half.

    The largest green energy sector in the country is the automotive industry, which generates more than 70 per cent of Canada’s electricity and accounts for almost a quarter (23 per cent) of the Canadian economy.

    There are some other sectors of the economy that are particularly reliant on green energy, such as the construction industry, and this is where the story becomes more complex.

    Green energy is not only used in industries such as transportation, it is also used in the construction and construction materials industries.

    As construction projects get underway, they need to produce green energy at a very low cost.

    This means that the cost of green electricity is very low.

    In the construction sector, this is often due to the fact that many of the projects are under the jurisdiction of a single provincial or territorial authority, and because the construction materials industry is largely self-sufficient.

    When this is the case, a green power plant can be set up in just a few days, while other industries may require a considerable amount of time to install their own power plants.

    A large percentage of green power plants are set up by municipal utilities, which have the capacity to build them at lower costs, because of the limited resources available.

    Green power plants also can be built at very low costs because they can use very little natural gas.

    This reduces the environmental impacts of building them, and they also provide very low carbon emissions.

    This allows green power to be used to produce electricity at a lower cost than natural gas-fired plants, which are more expensive and require much more energy to operate.

    This in turn reduces the amount of carbon emissions from the power plant.

    However, when a green plant is constructed, it can have some environmental impacts.

    For instance, when green power is applied, the natural gas used to power the plant can contain carcinogenic compounds, and these can enter the atmosphere when the gas is burnt.

    These emissions can cause serious health and environmental impacts, which require the use of more stringent environmental controls to reduce them.

    For more information about green energy and green building, see: The Green Power Plant, Green Building, and the Green Energy Revolution.

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