IGN is now partnering with Forbes to help readers make sense of the financial landscape of the green economy.

    Forbes is the leading media company for the green and eco-friendly industries.

    We’ve partnered with Forbes and the Associated Press to bring readers the latest economic data and trends, so they can understand how their money is being spent and why.

    Forbes provides the best, most accurate financial information in the industry.

    We believe that everyone deserves to have access to this information, so we’re making it free.

    Today, Forbes.com will be featuring the Green Economy Companies list of the top 50 green and green-focused businesses in the country.

    This list includes companies that provide clean energy solutions, energy efficient manufacturing, renewable energy, and other energy-related services, as well as green-friendly products.

    The top 50 businesses in Forbes’ Green Economy Rankings will be listed below.

    They include companies that are not listed in the Forbes list, but they will also be featured in Forbes.

    The top 50 companies in Forbes Green Economy are listed in alphabetical order.

    The full list of 50 green-themed companies is available in the new Forbes Green Energy Guide.

    Here’s what the Forbes Green Industry Companies list looks like:1.

    GE Power, Inc.2.

    GE Energy Solutions, Inc3.

    U.K.-based Renewable Energy Solutions4.

    E.ON Power Group5.

    Clean Energy Solutions Group6.

    The Electric Power Association7.

    The European Union8.

    Green Tech Solutions9.

    UBS Energy Solutions10.

    EcoStar Energy Solutions11.

    Renewable & Green Solutions Holdings12.

    SSE GreenTech Solutions Holdings13.

    Siemens Holdings14.

    RCS Group15.

    DaimlerChrysler, Inc16.

    American Electric Power Group17.

    AEP Group18.

    Cargill, Inc19.

    Shell Energy, Inc20.

    General Electric21.

    United Technologies22.

    General Motors23.

    Berkshire Hathaway24.

    Ford Motor25.

    General Mills26.

    United Steelworkers27.

    Honeywell International28.

    PPG Industries29.

    Cintas, Inc30.



    Procter & Gamble33.



    United Parcel Service36.

    General Dynamics37.



    General Atlantic40.

    American Airlines41.

    ATMs of America42.



    Southwest Airlines45.

    UPS Energy46.

    General Fusion47.

    Chevron Energy Services48.


    General Aviation50.

    Johnson Controls51.

    UPS Healthcare52.

    General Assembly53.

    FedEx 54.

    DHL 55.

    Staples 56.

    American Express57.

    AT & TOC Technologies58.

    CVS Health59.


    Rowe Price60.

    Proctor & Gamble61.

    The New York Times62.


    Time Warner64.



    Verizon 67.

    General Motor68.

    ATO Health and Safety69.

    Walmart 70.


    Walmart Energy and Environmental Solutions72.

    Proximity, Inc73.


    The University of Delaware 75.

    Verizon 76.

    Comcast 77.

    Amazon 78.

    Cigna 79.


    Walmart 81.

    Verizon Wireless 82.

    Comcast Channel 81.

    Walmart Marketplace 83.

    Comcast Consumer Services 84.

    C& G85.

    Microsoft 86.

    Verizon Media and Technology 87.

    Target Internet and Entertainment 89.

    Time-Warner Media 90.

    Comcast 91.

    Netflix 92.

    Cablevision 93.

    Amazon 94.

    Comcast 92.

    Google 95.

    Time Inc. 96.

    Sprint 97.

    Dish Network 98.

    Verizon 99.

    CMCSA 100. Amazon



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