A company like Green Industrial Supply will supply you with green equipment and a green office building in a few weeks.

    The firm has over 3,000 employees in India, with some of its projects also in the pipeline.

    Its business model, which has seen it invest in new technology, has led to the growth of green technologies across the country.

    But the company is also an Indian-based entity, meaning that the workforce is based in India.

    For the first time, we’re able to get a glimpse of what the future of green technology in India will look like.

    To understand what makes Green Industrial supply different from the competition, we spoke to the company’s founder and CEO, Sushil Jain.

    We are also able to bring in the same expertise in our research and development, so we are able to build a business that will enable our company to become an important part of the Indian supply chain and to the wider industry.

    What does the company do?

    Green Industrial Supply has been doing this sort of thing for nearly a decade.

    In India, Green Industrial is the number one company in terms of industrial efficiency, according to a study commissioned by the Government of India.

    Green Industrial also has been the number three company in the world for the past two years.

    It also has the second largest market share in India after General Electric.

    How does it compete?

    The market is dominated by the two largest companies.

    When it comes to scale, the Indian market is small, so that is why the competition is intense.

    The two biggest players in the market are Infosys and Wipro.

    Infosys is the largest industrial player in the Indian economy.

    It owns Tata Steel, which produces more than 40 per cent of the country’s steel, and has a presence in over 80 different industries.

    Wipro is the second biggest industrial player, with Tata Steel and the Mahindra Group.

    Wimbledon is one of its biggest markets, with its own factories, power plants, airports and a railway network.

    What are the advantages of working in India?

    Infosy has its headquarters in Bengaluru.

    Wiped out by Tata Steel in 2014, Infosy’s factory in Chennai now houses a small operation.

    Its focus is on supply chain automation.

    Wiping out Tata Steel has been a huge challenge for Infos, but now the focus is more on automation.

    Infos is currently focused on getting to grips with automation in the supply chain.

    Where can I start?

    InfoSys offers a range of services across the supply chains, from manufacturing automation to IT services.

    We have been able to help Infos in a number of areas, such as building a supply chain management software suite.

    The software, which is being built for the logistics and logistics sector, is available for both companies.

    InfoS is the company that supplies Wipros steel in India to Tata Steel.

    Wimpro, the company of Wiproc Industries, is the world’s third largest steel producer.

    Wipe out Infos has helped Wimpro with logistics.

    We are now working with Wimpros to develop an automation solution for Wiprols manufacturing operations.

    Info’s services are also available to Wiprop in the UK and Australia.

    Infomedia is a software company that offers services for the pharmaceutical industry.

    Infomedia provides healthcare services across various sectors, such for health care facilities, hospitals and other healthcare providers.

    We provide healthcare services through Infos Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd and we also provide healthcare solutions to other healthcare players.

    What are its challenges?

    We have had to overcome many challenges, but the biggest challenge has been automation.

    It is the challenge of automation to scale in the global market.

    We have to have the infrastructure and the capability to enable our automation to work, so the challenges we have had in the past are not that difficult.

    Infocomp is one such company.

    Infocomp provides healthcare and pharmaceutical services across different sectors, and Infocomm is the biggest provider of automation across the entire supply chain in India today.

    Infocom also has a strong presence in the manufacturing and logistics markets.

    We can help Infocom in other sectors too.

    Infotech is a technology company that focuses on automation and data analytics.

    It operates two supply chain solutions that are the world leader in data analytics and supply chain analytics.

    Innovative solutions such as this are very important in the future.

    What is the focus?

    Our focus is to deliver solutions to help our clients in the logistics sector and also supply chain industries in India who need to run their supply chain processes on a regular basis.

    We are focusing on supply chains and logistics in particular.

    We want to help suppliers in these areas, particularly in logistics, as they need to get up to speed with technology.

    What do you expect from Infocom?

    Infocom will continue to evolve in the industry and it will continue its journey as an innovation leader in supply



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