By Dan BoorsteinGreen jobs are in the sights of the federal government.

     And they are the same green jobs that are in danger of disappearing.

    “The most significant threat to jobs in the energy sector comes from the federal Liberals, who have a history of privatizing and privatizing,” said Robert Wiblin, an economist at the University of Toronto.

    The Liberals promised to make energy “more accessible” by giving provinces and territories more leeway to develop green energy projects.

    It has been a major boon for the province of B.C., which has had its share of clean energy success stories, such as the creation of Boreal and the creation by Hydro One of the world’s largest liquefied natural gas export terminals in Victoria.

    But it has also cost B.L.C. billions of dollars, and a large part of its clean energy industry is still reliant on the federal Government for subsidies.

    So if the Liberals were serious about reducing the number of federal green jobs, they could put an end to the Liberals’ strategy of subsidizing the provinces, said Wiblins partner at the B.S.K.G.P. institute.

    As of this summer, the Liberals have already slashed $10 billion from the Canada Infrastructure Bank.

    With the Bank of Canada, the federal Conservatives borrowed billions from banks to finance their costly infrastructure projects, including a $10.2 billion tunnel to the Bering Strait that would have doubled the distance between Canada and Alaska.

    While it has been criticized by environmentalists for being a “puppet bank,” the Liberal government has been praised by some for being one of the most transparent governments in recent memory.

    Green jobs, in other words, could be at risk, if they were not also protected by the federal Liberal government.

    The Liberals have long promised to increase the number and diversity of green jobs in Canada.

    And that promise is at risk as the federal economy continues to grow, and as more people seek green jobs.

    According to the latest statistics from Statistics Canada, there were approximately 22,000 green jobs across Canada last year.

    That is the highest figure since the late 1990s, when the number stood at a low of just 2,000.

    This year, the jobless rate in Canada is at a 10-year high of 6.5 per cent.

    Since 2009, the number is up by about 2.5 million.

    There are also a number of other challenges that need to be addressed.

    For instance, while the Boreal LNG terminal was constructed by the government of Biscuit, Ont., and is expected to generate up to 400,000 barrels of LNG annually, it has not been fully developed yet, and it is currently undergoing a massive renovation that could take up to a decade to complete.

    If B.A.L.’s new mayor can’t make Boreal a reality, that could create a major issue for green jobs around the country.

    Another problem is the federal NDP government’s promise to create 2.2 million jobs over 10 years.

    Currently, the NDP’s green jobs promise is projected to only create 3.2million jobs.

    That would mean B.K.’s Green Jobs Guarantee, the largest green job guarantee in Canada, is a mere fig leaf.

    Instead, the government needs to take on the responsibility for creating the green jobs it promised to create, said Gabor Mate, an environmental campaigner at the Institute for Policy Studies.

    In a country where many jobs are precarious, the Greens should be at the forefront of ensuring that green jobs are not being lost.

    You don’t have to be a political junkie to see the importance of that, said Mate.

    What would you do if you lost your job?

    “I would try to find new work, because I don’t think you can live on a $30,000 a year minimum wage job,” said Mate, adding that he would find a job at a grocery store or an auto repair shop.

    Then there is the issue of the health care.

    When it comes to jobs, health care is a big issue, said Adam Koppelman, president of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

    About 30 per cent of workers in Canada don’t receive health insurance.

    Not only are the costs of care rising, but they are also being outsourced to countries where people are paid less than they are in Canada’s health care system.

    One way to reduce the costs for health care workers is to provide better wages.

    An increasing number of health care professionals are seeing that wages are becoming increasingly difficult to sustain, according to Wiblins partner at B. K.


    A study by the Canadian Medical Association found that health care providers are having to turn to cheaper methods of paying for health insurance, such the



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