New green Belt industries are opening in rural areas of Texas.

    A spokesman for the Green Belt Industries Association said it expects to be in the state in the first quarter of 2019.

    The Texas Department of Transportation and Industry is providing funding for the new green belt businesses, and a spokeswoman for the Texas Department and Taxation Commission said the agencies goal is to provide jobs, tax credits and other assistance to the local communities.

    The state’s Economic Development Agency has awarded $6.6 million in state money for projects such as the Greenbelt Industry, which will provide jobs for more than 2,000 people in the Texas cities of Frisco, Galveston, San Marcos, and Denton.

    The agency will also award $10.6 to $25 million to businesses and non-profit groups to promote green belt projects, including the construction of a Green Belt Expo Center and the construction or renovation of green belt infrastructure.

    The Expo Center will be located at the site of the existing Denton Expo Center, a former rail hub that has been demolished.

    Denton’s Expo Center has been closed since January 2019 because of the storm, but plans are underway to open it in 2019.

    “We want to be a community that supports green belt,” said Scott Stokes, a spokesperson for the Denton Development Corporation, which owns the site.

    The Denton Area Development Corporation is also sponsoring the project.

    The Denton area is also getting the green belt.

    The city will be adding green belt sidewalks and trees at a cost of $5 million.

    Stokes said the new industry is the latest effort by the city to build green belt facilities, which includes an outdoor fitness center, outdoor shopping mall, a community gardens and a sports facility.

    The project will also include a green belt park, according to the city.

    More than 100 companies are sponsoring green belt development projects.

    The Texas Department for Commerce and Economic Opportunity and the Texas Environmental Council have partnered to support businesses and nonprofit organizations in Texas that are interested in the greenbelt economy, according a spokesperson.

    The Green Belt Industry Association, an Austin-based trade association of greenbelt businesses, said it will be in Texas starting in 2019, with plans to expand.

    The group said it has received more than $20 million in public and private support.

    The association plans to hold events in the Austin area, including one on April 9.

    The event will include an outdoor event for visitors and the public.



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