New Delhi: Green energy sources are a “crowding out” of blackouts by black outs in India, an industry leader has said, as part of a new report.

    The Times Of India report says India’s blackouts in January are now the third highest in the world after China and China’s own Blackout 2017.

    The Indian government has said that the government will provide “every help” to blackouts, including air quality monitoring and electricity rationing.

    However, the report says that the blackout in India’s north-east region in January had been exacerbated by a “massive blackout in the last few days”.

    The blackout was triggered by a strong winter weather, said the report, by the Green Power India (GPI) group, which is backed by a consortium of Indian companies including Tata Power and Reliance Industries.

    In January, the government had announced a nationwide blackout that would last for a month.

    The blackout is expected to cost the government a further Rs 1,500 crore ($26.3m).

    The blackout triggered widespread power cuts, and caused air pollution to rise.

    On Monday, the Indian government suspended air quality checks for four days after a peak in the capital, Delhi, which caused nearly 2,000 premature deaths.

    The report said the government is working with a consortium led by Reliance to “determine the source of the power blackouts”.

    The report says the blackouts are “causing severe economic damage to the power sector in the north-west region of India”.

    The government says it will make “every effort to bring power supplies back to normal levels” in the next two weeks.

    The government has also launched a pilot project to monitor air quality in the region.

    The country has the third-highest number of black outs per capita in the developed world after North Korea and China, the group said.

    “The situation in the south-west of India is worsening every day,” GPI chairperson Piyush Ghosh told the Times of Ireland.

    We are going to make sure the power grid comes back to its normal state.””

    If there is no air quality control, people will die.

    We are going to make sure the power grid comes back to its normal state.”



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