The Packers have a good record of success, with three Super Bowls and one NFL championship.

    But they’ve also lost three of their last four games, and this past weekend, the franchise announced that its season ticket holders were getting a 10% discount on ticket purchases, the biggest discount in NFL history.

    And that’s not all.

    The Packers are also throwing a special party for their fans at Lambeau Field on Thursday, with special giveaways, food and beverage specials, and a live concert by the band The Strokes.

    The game, which starts at 8:30pm ET, is expected to sell out.

    Here’s a look at some of the highlights.

    What you need to know about the Packers:They’re the defending champions, but they’re not the defending Super Bowl champions.

    They haven’t won the title since 2010, when the Seahawks beat them by a combined score of 45-7.

    The team has made its home in Lambeaus Field since 2009.

    It’s also the only team to play there three times since the Packers moved to Green Bay from Seattle.

    It was announced that Green Bay’s home-field advantage in the Super Bowl will be reduced to 1 point, down from 2 points.

    That means the team will have to play four more times at home than the Seahawks did.

    It will also be the second time in history that the Packers will lose a Super Bowl.

    They lost to the Raiders in January 2018.

    Green Bay’s team record in the playoffs is 3-3, with two losses and one tie.

    That’s the team record for the season, and it’s tied for the second-longest playoff drought in NFL playoff history.

    The Seahawks, on the other hand, have won six Super Bowl titles.

    Seattle is currently the best team in the NFL, and will likely be one of the top teams in the playoff race for the first time since 1999.

    What the Packers have to do to win:The Packers have won the first three games of the regular season by a total of 13 points, but a couple of big plays from quarterback Aaron Rodgers have them looking like the favorites in the NFC.

    They’re led by their running game, led by running back Eddie Lacy, and their defense.

    They’ll have to get some help from their defense if they’re going to win this game.

    Lacy will get some support from fellow running back Adrian Peterson.

    The two have combined for 11 carries for 85 yards and a touchdown this season.

    Peterson had four carries for 27 yards against the Giants, and is currently tied for second on the team in rushing yards with 10.

    The latter number includes his career-high 12 carries for 65 yards against Seattle in the postseason.

    The defense is where things get interesting for the Packers.

    The defense has allowed just seven touchdowns in its last nine games, but will need to hold onto them if they want to avoid being outscored 16-6.

    They are tied for sixth in the league in sacks with eight.

    Greenbay’s offense is the only one that is tied for first in the conference.

    The offense has been the best in the game for most of the season and is expected get some good looks from the defense on Thursday.

    The only team that is ahead of them in the division is the Steelers, who are tied with the Packers for third in scoring.

    The best part about this matchup is that it is a big one.

    The Seahawks are coming off their first loss in a week, and the Packers, who will be coming off a bye week, are the defending champs.

    If the Packers can pull out a win, the NFC North could be in play for the division crown.



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