A boom-or-bounce green industry is being created around the country and one in particular is a big driver of the economic boom in the region.

    For the last decade, Israel’s green sector has been booming.

    As of July, Israel had just over 6,000 commercial and industrial green projects, and the country is on track to double its annual green capacity to 4,000, according to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics.

    Green energy has become a huge part of the economy and a key source of jobs and growth in Israel.

    For decades, Israel has relied on coal, and now the country has taken a new path, building green energy plants that are being used to generate electricity, produce biofuels and recycle waste.

    Israel has also created a large, renewable portfolio, which is now worth more than $100 billion.

    But the green economy in Israel is not a new phenomenon.

    The country’s Green Investment Fund, the world’s largest green investment vehicle, was founded in 2004.

    Since then, Israel invested in a wide range of green investments, from solar farms to wind farms.

    The Green Investment Group, which oversees over $300 billion, has a long history of creating green investments for the country, from creating green water treatment plants to creating green power plants.

    But this year, the Green Investment Funds’ board of directors decided to create a new category to help companies better understand green investments and understand how they could be implemented in the future.

    The Green Investment Categories is designed to help green investments grow by creating an understanding of what green investments are and how they are implemented, said Yaron Bar-Shalit, president of the Green Investing Fund.

    “There is a great need for green investments to grow and diversify the economy, and to understand how to best utilize green investments in a sustainable way,” Bar-Shedit said.

    The new Green Investment Category will be part of a new initiative called Green Investment 2020, launched in March.

    The initiative aims to develop and implement the Green Investments Program for the 2020 financial year, which will also include green bonds, renewable energy bonds and a Green Investment Tax Credit.

    The concept of Green Investment is not new to Israel, said Bar-Bennett.

    Green investments have been a cornerstone of the country’s economy since the mid-1990s, when a government initiative called “The Green Fund” was launched.

    It was created to help create jobs and spur the economy.

    “Green investments were a core element of Israel’s economic growth from the early 2000s until the end of the decade, and today Israel is home to a large green sector,” Barachat said.

    “The new category, Green Investment 2030, will help accelerate this green growth and will help to help bring green investments back to the fore in Israel.”

    Barachat says the Green Fund was an important element of the Israeli government’s economic strategy during the 1990s.

    “It was the prime minister’s idea to establish a Green Fund to stimulate the economy,” he said.

    The fund is an umbrella term for a number of different green investments that are designed to create jobs, reduce pollution and increase the use of renewable energy, according the Green Development Fund website.

    “The Green Bank will work to develop an international Green Investment Program to accelerate the return of green and sustainable investment, create jobs in Israel, and diversifying the economy with green and renewable energy,” the website says.

    “This initiative will be a key element in our efforts to make Israel an energy superpower.”

    In 2020, the government plans to introduce an initiative to create more green energy bonds, a Green Bank that will finance green investment projects, according a draft of the 2020 budget released in January.

    It is also developing a Green Debt Credit, which would be a credit to companies that are green.

    The government also plans to increase the Green Tax Credit, a credit that will be given to companies, businesses and individuals that use green energy.

    The budget also includes plans to create the Green Growth and Green Development Program to encourage businesses to diversify and invest in green infrastructure and green industries.

    The government hopes to create another Green Investment and Green Debt credit by 2021.

    In addition, the budget is expected to create new green infrastructure projects to be financed by the Green Debt.

    The Government is also expected to establish new green energy projects to support the Green Infrastructure Fund.

    “In order to diversifying and supporting the green sector, we will introduce a new Green Infrastructure Finance Program, which can be funded by the Fund and be used to develop projects that support sustainable energy,” a draft budget document for 2020 said.

    Green Investment 2020 was launched by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and it is expected that the government will continue the Green Budget initiative until the next budget, expected in 2021.

    Barachit said that while green investments will continue to be an important part of Israel, they will be less prominent now that Israel is a nuclear power.

    “Now that we have a nuclear arsenal, we have to diversate our investments, and this is why we



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