GREEN industry pros and green industrial estates say there’s no doubt that CO2 is a pollutant that’s hurting the environment.

    They argue that if the country is going to stay on track to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it needs to move to a green economy, rather than a dirty one.

    And that’s where green manufacturing comes in.

    In fact, they argue that by replacing the use of coal and other fossil fuels with green manufacturing, the country could help mitigate climate change.

    Here are some key points: The Green Industry Pros Green industrial estates have emerged as the most prominent green industry proponents.

    They believe the industrial green paint is a major source of CO2 pollution and a potential solution to the problem.

    The industrial green industry, as they call it, is largely responsible for the production and use of industrial green paints.

    They include the largest manufacturers of industrial and commercial paints, and more than 70 companies have been certified to produce industrial green.

    In 2014, Green Industries International, a trade group representing green manufacturers, said it had sold more than $3.6 billion in industrial green products.

    Green Manufacturing In the past few years, manufacturers and companies in green manufacturing have seen a boom in sales, particularly as the global market for industrial green is growing.

    In 2015, for example, global sales of industrial greens increased to $8.7 billion, up from $7.9 billion in 2014.

    Companies have been moving to green manufacturing because it is the easiest and cheapest way to make their products.

    In the U.S., there are about 3,000 manufacturing companies producing green products, according to Green Industries, which has helped spur the industry.

    Green industries have become a growing business in the U, too.

    According to a report by the Green Manufacturing Association, the number of manufacturers in green industry grew from just 3.5 percent of the total U..

    S. manufacturing workforce in 2011 to 4.1 percent in 2017.

    Industry analysts say the industry is also growing rapidly in Europe and Asia, where it accounts for nearly a third of the global manufacturing sector.

    The Industrial Green Paint Market As manufacturing is the fastest growing industry in the country, manufacturers have been shifting their focus to green technologies.

    The United Kingdom, for instance, recently joined the European Union and launched the European Green Paint Manufacturers Program.

    The program offers green-screen manufacturing licenses to U.K. manufacturers.

    It also offers support to companies who want to get a green coating on their products and in their buildings.

    Industry experts say the green coating industry is on track for a $5 billion annual growth in the next decade, which is about five times the market share of manufacturing in the United States.

    Green manufacturing in China and India are also seeing rapid growth.

    In China, the Chinese Green Industry Association (CGA) predicts that green manufacturing will grow from about 3.7 percent of its workforce in 2020 to 7.6 percent by 2030.

    The CGA also predicts that manufacturing in India will grow to 15 percent by 2035.

    The industry is currently growing faster in Europe, though not as fast as the U., as European green manufacturing growth has slowed.

    But the industry’s fast growth in Europe has been driven by the EU’s transition to a low carbon economy, which began with the introduction of the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015.

    The deal called for nations to reduce carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2025.

    China’s Green Industry in the Middle East As green manufacturing in Arab countries has surged in recent years, the Middle Eastern market has also seen rapid growth in recent decades.

    According the CGA, the middle east will see a 15.3 percent growth in manufacturing by 2030, up more than four times the amount of the previous decade.

    In 2020, Middle East manufacturers produced over $2.7 trillion in industrial greens.

    Middle East Green Industry Experts are also optimistic that the region’s rapid growth will lead to a rapid expansion of green manufacturing.

    According a report published by the UQAM Middle East Center for Green Manufacturing in March, there are now more than 6,700 green manufacturing companies in the region.

    The report said that by 2030 there will be 2,700 factories with green-manufacturing capabilities in the Arab world, up nearly 200 percent since 2013.

    In addition to Middle East manufacturing, Green industries are expanding elsewhere in the world.

    In Japan, a green-industry firm called Motei Industries has just completed the construction of a new factory in Tokyo’s central business district.

    According on the company’s website, Moteis “green industrial design and manufacturing solutions” will be used in a range of sectors including aerospace, automotive, and electrical and electronic products.

    It’s unclear whether the company is aiming to build its factory on a major Japanese city or on a smaller island in the Pacific.

    In India, there is also a growing green manufacturing market in the Indian state of Gujarat.

    The Green Manufacturing Industry in Indonesia Green manufacturing is already booming in Indonesia.

    According an industry



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