By Emily M. PappasDecember 24, 2016 9:30pmUpdated December 25, 2016 10:16pmWhen it comes to power generation, most people in developing countries don’t know much about what they are getting themselves into.

    They don’t understand how much electricity is produced, how much it is used, and how it’s spent.

    And the countries they live in are getting better at generating power.

    The United Nations, a global body with a mandate to promote sustainable development, is working to develop a set of guidelines for energy and waste management that will provide more information to consumers and businesses.

    The U.N. Green Building Council, a U.S. organization with a strong commitment to environmental protection, is developing guidelines for building energy-efficient buildings and lighting systems.

    And a number of U.K. universities are studying green power.

    “There are a number more that need to be done in terms of helping countries and developing countries develop their own policies on green energy,” said Kevin G. Brown, senior policy adviser for the U.A.E. Green Energy Action Group, which represents energy-intensive industries.

    He said countries need to help each other by making sure they are taking steps to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions, which is one of the key goals of the U,A.B.G.I.E.’s Global Action Plan on Sustainable Development.

    He added that developing countries are often at a disadvantage compared to wealthier nations because they don’t have the resources to get the kind of energy-efficiency projects they need to get through the next decade.

    He and other experts said the U.,A.A., and other nations need to take the lead on green power, and that they need more funding to help them achieve that goal.

    The Global Action Coalition, an umbrella organization that promotes the interests of the green power industry, recently issued a report that calls on the U and other developing nations to build more green power plants, and to provide green power for domestic consumption.

    In addition, they need green power-generating infrastructure that is built in the countries that will help them move forward.

    The Green Building Challenge, the world’s largest international challenge, is aimed at building more green buildings for the developing nations that it calls the “green power engine.”

    The challenge aims to encourage the developing countries to build green power facilities and green power projects.

    “Building green power infrastructure in the first place will not only reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, it will help reduce the demand for energy in the world and help the world move towards sustainable development,” said the report.

    Green energy sources such as wind and solar are growing in popularity, but not in all countries, the report said.

    For example, in the U of A, which has about 2.3 million people and has a population of about 1.5 billion, only a quarter of its power comes from wind power, according to the Green Building Initiative.

    The report also said that there are “no clear-cut national green energy strategies” that are widely available in the region.

    “The U of S is one exception,” it said.

    The organization said it would encourage U.P.A.-funded and U.W.-funded programs to study and build green energy facilities in the United States.

    “We are committed to helping the UP. and the UW to build up their own green energy infrastructure, as well as partnering with the UU to work with U.B.,” said the group’s executive director, Dr. Daniel K. Miller.

    The U.U. is the Uppsala University and is affiliated with the Swedish International Development Association.

    Miller said the green energy initiatives would also help U.s. businesses, and the Green Investment Fund would help finance U. U. business initiatives.

    The group has been trying to get green power in developing nations for about a decade.

    Its Green Building Action Initiative was started in 2009 and aims to build energy-generator plants in countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, India, India and South Africa.

    A report released in March by the UB Green Building Institute and the National Green Investment Initiative showed that developing nations are investing more than $4 billion into green energy over the last five years.

    And the United Nations Development Programme has provided $500 million over the past five years for the Green Energy and Climate Action Fund.

    The government in the country with the world class green power program, however, has a long way to go.

    The Green Building Task Force, a government advisory body, estimated that the country had spent $15 billion in green power capacity.

    The task force also found that in Kenya, which had about 7.5 million people, only 5 percent of the power comes directly from wind.

    The other 99 percent comes from hydro, solar, geothermal, biomass and other sources.



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