When you’re buying industrial grease dispenser grease you want to make sure it’s not a mix of industrial grease and household grease, says Elizabeth Moseley, the president and CEO of the Association of Industrial Grease Dispensers.

    “I think you want the grease from the source that’s more sanitary, less toxic, and that’s the grease from a manufacturer,” she says.

    For example, if you’re shopping for industrial grease at a gas station or grocery store, you want industrial grease that’s produced by a factory.

    “But if you have a grocery store or gas station that’s a very organic food source, you’d want the grease produced by the farmers, organic farmers,” Mosely says.

    “If it’s produced from a factory, it’s probably a more dangerous source.

    So you’d be best off buying industrial grease that’s not the same kind of product as it’s being produced by an organic farm.”

    When you shop for industrial greasing at a grocery or gas store, buy from a supplier that does not have industrial grease ingredients.

    You can use your grocery store’s grease dispensing services or the internet to order grease.

    But you need to be sure the product you buy from that company is not the one that contains industrial grease.

    The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) guidelines say that a source must have the following: “All chemicals used in manufacturing industrial grease products” and “Not less than 25 percent” of the ingredients are used to make industrial grease as defined in the U.S. Occupational safety and health codes, and “Contains no harmful ingredients.”

    Some industrial grease companies, including ConAgra Foods, KFC, and the University of Kentucky, have taken a different tack.

    “We are not in compliance with the FDA standards,” ConAgras spokeswoman Amy Hargrove tells Healthline.

    “It’s not something we’re aware of, and we’ve worked with the FDA to get them to remove the label from their grease.”

    When it comes to choosing industrial grease to buy, Moselyn says you should also consider how many different products you’re getting.

    “You want to get a variety of things in your pantry,” she adds.

    You want to look for industrial food ingredients that are organic and have been approved by the FDA for use in food, she says, “not just industrial grease.”



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